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Abstract Oil On Canvas by McElroy

Abstract Oil On Canvas by McElroy

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Shapes and colors are the focus of this whimsical artwork painted on canvas by Steve McElroy. Signed and dated by the artist. Artist Steve McElroy’s work is owned by the singer Madonna, Alice Walton, J.P Morgan Chase, McDonald’s Corporation, Absolut Vodka, Anderson Cooper, Gloria Vanderbilt, Mattel, Jan Showers of Dallas, and many others. He was the only living artist selected by Mattel to create pop interpretations of the #1 iconic toy Barbie released worldwide alongside Andy Warhol’s Barbie for anniversary celebrations for the brand. As a living artist McElroy is listed in the Portfolio section of the prestigious ART archives alongside artists of the past including Dali, Monet, Rembrandt, and Vincent Van Gogh. McElroy may be easily searched online by entering Steve McElroy Art. He is listed and collected widely as a member of the prestigious Artists Rights Society. Owned by celebrities, corporations, collectors, and museums, McElroy’s work are always singularly identifiable by the exactness of hand using the very finest materials. There are no two alike, and his original artwork is always handmade exclusively by him. Inspirations for McElroy's work come from nature, music, sculpture, and uplifting themes celebrating the positive aspects of life.

PERIOD: 20th Century
CONDITION: Excellent
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 21.5" Width: 25.4" Depth: 2"
CREATOR: Steve Mc Elroy (Painter)

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