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Bubble Bath Lithograph by Florence Duryer

Bubble Bath Lithograph by Florence Duryer

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The piece is eligibly signed, numbered, and dated 1988. This whimsical 1988 lithograph captures a surreal kitchen scene, filled with unexpected and lighthearted elements. A happy delirium in a sink full of dishes and soap bubbles with several unexpected swimmer figures inside. The artist has playfully referenced Tamara de Lempicka's style for the main figure - a woman swimming crawl through the foam with her well-adjusted cap and googles. He added also added cartoon-like references. There is an infectious cheerfulness in this frame that beckons one to laugh at its charming absurdity. All in all, it is an amusing reminder of what life should be - not too serious- giving room to our imagination or childhood candour gone by - one that can be appreciated without needing intellectual processing or analysis. A special nod should be given to the character played by the cup of coffee rolling its eyes at what it witnesses, further emphasising the levity of it all!

PERIOD: 1980-1989
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 25.88" Width: 35.13" Depth: 1.25"
MATERIAL: Lithograph

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