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Chinese Qing Dynasty Ancestor Portraits, Senior Official Ninth Rank - A Pair

Chinese Qing Dynasty Ancestor Portraits, Senior Official Ninth Rank - A Pair

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A pair of early 20th-century Chinese ancestral paintings executed in ink and colour on rice paper depicting a Mandarin and his wife in winter costume. Each figure is seated on a draped armchair over a green floral rug and is dressed in formal attire.
The portraits are painted on scroll paper and mounted in simple black and gold wood frames. Juxtaposed, the portraits depict an aged but richly dressed couple seated in the foreground against a nondescript beige background.

Pair of late Qing dynasty Chinese ancestors depicting a civil official and his wife. A Mandarin rank badge showing the husband’s rank in the civil bureaucracy is on the front of his blue coat. The bird appears to be a paradise flycatcher, indicating an official of the 9th rank. The male official wears a black and red hat, a long necklace of semi-precious stones around his neck, and Manchu boots. A blue dressing gown with an orange dragon with gilt embroidery is visible beneath the surcoat.

The wife is adorned with jewellery and wears an elaborate phoenix headdress. A green, brown, white and black pleated skirt is visible below her red dressing gown. It is designed with long colour stripes contrasting with a brown background. In characteristic style, her hands and feet are hidden.

Late 19th to early 20th century. The portraits have not been examined out of the frames but appear to be visibly in very good overall condition with minor soiling and worm damage evident.

PERIOD: 20th Century
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 45.75" Width: 29.75" Depth: 1.25"
COUNT: Set of 2
MATERIAL: Watercolour

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