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Galerie Sommerlath

"Dance at the Guinguette" Ink and Watercolour Sketch signed Tim B.

"Dance at the Guinguette" Ink and Watercolour Sketch signed Tim B.

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This sketch by Tim B. captures the essence of the Toulouse Lautrec epoch with its depiction of couples dancing and turning around outside a ball. In contrast, others are seated at tables enjoying drinks.
The artwork is reminiscent of the guinguettes of the past, and the white and red canopy adds to the overall nostalgic and joyful atmosphere. This piece will surely transport you to a different time, evoking longing and nostalgia for the past.
The "guinguettes" were small cabaret in the suburbs and the surrounds of Paris, where craftsmen drink in summer (because they were outside) on Sundays and on Festival days. They were located on the edges of the Seine and the Marne rivers

The original frame made of patinated plaster features intricately sculpted and detailed leaves, complementing the artwork's period.
The paper of used is not flat. It seems that the painter used the paper tablecloth on the site to draw.

PERIOD: 1880-1889
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 22" Width: 26" Depth: 1.5"
MATERIAL: Paper, Painted
CREATOR: Tim B. (Painter)

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