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Drawing #2 by Amalia Schulthess in Gold Frame - 1955

Drawing #2 by Amalia Schulthess in Gold Frame - 1955

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This block colour drawing by painter/sculptor Amalia Schulthess features large pastel colour blocks and three arrows pointing out different directions. This original drawing has a whimsical overall touch with a so-called block organisation contrasting with the all-over-the-place arrows. The piece is signed "a.sch" and dated 1955 and sits in a gold metal frame. Amalia Schulthess grew up in Switzerland and studied at the State College Trogen, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, and the Kunstgewerbeschule, Zurich. Paul Klee who was a friend of her father had been a key source of inspiration to Amalia; he encouraged her to express herself and commit to the pursuit of artmaking. After World War II, she moved to New York where she met and became friends with Piet Mondrian. He encouraged her to paint and gave her many good ideas as to exercises in painting that could prove helpful to her technique. At this time, she was primarily painting with oil, and drawing with pastels and colour pencil. In 1941 she moved to Los Angeles where until the 1960s, she focused on exhibiting her paintings in galleries and museums in California and New Mexico, an area she was drawn to because of the natural landscape and indigenous culture. By the late 60s she began exploring the three-dimensional medium after Andrew Dasburg suggested the abstract nature of her two-dimensional works might translate well to sculpture. Amalia’s sculptures are very much part of the avant-garde Modernist discourse. In an attempt to learn more, she divided her time between living in Los Angeles and Florence, Italy. She was involved in numerous shows in Taos and Santa Fe New Mexico, California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, La Jolla, Long Beach), New York, Zurich, Switzerland, Italy, and France. Her sculptures reside in numerous countries and states including Texas.

PERIOD: Mid-20th Century
CONDITION: Excellent
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 14" Width: 11.75" Depth: 1"
CREATOR: Amalia Schulthess (Painter)

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