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Mixed-Media Red Hair Portrait by Christopher Mark Brennan

Mixed-Media Red Hair Portrait by Christopher Mark Brennan

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The artist used very thick oil paint strokes to feature the blazing red hair of a girl and drew her face finely with a crayon.
The contrast between the 2 media is striking!

Christopher Mark Brennan is born in 1950. He attended Washington University School of Fine Arts in St Louis, Missouri in 1974. After 1983 he made covers for magazines and artworks for Universal studios, 3 cover Art for Frank Zappa CD, and other musicians.
He now lives in Santa Barbara and makes also smaller but still very striking paintings. His imagination seems to have no limit!
He lives a private life, not sharing much online besides his art. I believe it gives us the opportunity to see his artwork with a fresh and unbiased lens.

PERIOD: 21st Century
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 28.25" Width: 33.88" Depth: 1.38"
MATERIAL: Crayon, Oil
CREATOR: Christopher Mark Brennan

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