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Muse Grevin - Pantomimes Lumineuses" Original Poster by Jules Cheret

Muse Grevin - Pantomimes Lumineuses" Original Poster by Jules Cheret

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A French original poster by Jules Cheret advertising the "Theatre Optique" Optical theater owned by Emile Reynaud who presented in the Musee Grevin" the Pantomimes Lumineuses, the world’s first animated films, using his innovative system which projected light through moving pictures to offer illuminated pantomimes. It rests in its original gold leaf frame and was edited by Ateliers Cheret. A removable film under the glass protects it against the light. I have added the matching one. Jules Chéret, ( 1836-1933), one of the pioneering poster artists of the late 19th century, was quick to realize not only the aesthetic but also the commercial potential of his medium caused by changes in technology and society. After founding his own Paris studio in 1867, Chéret merged text and image in ways that predicted the advent of cartooning with their harmonious integration of elements. The proliferation of the new department stores, patronized by the growing middle class, midwifed the birth of a consumer culture that gave him new markets for his work. Chéret’s posters advertised products and events. Some of his work straight-forwardly displays products (new dresses on models) but many featured female figures that allegorize their products or suggest the pleasure derived from their purchase. Chéret had designed over one thousand posters for music halls, theatres, performers, and products including beverages, medicines, and lamp oil.

PERIOD: 1880-1889
CONDITION: Excellent
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 23.25" Width: 19.25" Depth: 0.5"
MATERIAL: Lithograph
CREATOR: Jules Chéret (Artist)

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