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Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Lithograph - Whitney Museum of American Art in New York

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Lithograph - Whitney Museum of American Art in New York

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This lithograph was edited in 1983 after an oil painting made by Roy Lichtenstein in 1973 and gifted to the museum in 1977. Titled "Still life with crystal bowl," the artwork features a fruit bowl on a striped black and white background and a light blue counter.
Roy Lichtenstein was a pop artist from America whose works, in comic strip style, portray the shallowness of the culture prevalent in contemporary American life. With bright, loud colors and techniques closely related to the printing industry, he paradoxically integrated the bulk-produced emotions through consumerism into classy references to art history and famous works of artists from the bygone centuries, depicting the frivolity of today’s era in the harsh contrasting background of the sophisticated artistic contexts. Lichtenstein is one of the two most recognized names in pop art. Throughout his creative journey, he was inspired by artists like Allan Kaprow, Russ Heath, Edgar Degas, Irv Novick, etc. He taught art at Rutgers University for a few years after finishing his master’s degree in fine arts from Ohio University. He worked tirelessly, producing masterpieces of revolutionized paintings and sculptures, sometimes even working for 10 hours straight in his studio, yet he considered his creative products not important enough to the world of ‘art’.

PERIOD: Late 20th Century
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 45.5" Width: 31.13" Depth: 1"
MATERIAL: Chrome, Paper
CREATOR: Roy Lichtenstein (Painter)

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