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Galerie Sommerlath

"Shapes of der Strand" Hard Edge Lithograph

"Shapes of der Strand" Hard Edge Lithograph

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This lithograph titled "Shades of Der Strand features an interesting interplay of colours and shapes, drawing the eye in to explore every detail of this intricate artwork.

The undulating blue tubes and vertical grey pillars create a sense of solidity and weight, grounding the piece in an industrial aesthetic. But then the lines of yellow squares in the right corner introduce a burst of brightness and energy, infusing the work with a sense of playfulness and joy.

The 3D and 2D elements are masterfully intertwined, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality that is truly mesmerising. Curvy and straight lines alternate in a dance of shapes, and the stitched-lined chaos pattern add a layer of texture that invites the viewer to reach out and touch the piece.

"Shades of Der Strand," is illegibly for me at least, signed and numbered 7/10.

PERIOD: 1970-1979
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 22.5" Width: 22.5" Depth: 2.75"
MATERIAL: Lithograph

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