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Galerie Sommerlath

Wall Sculpture in the style of Stephen Chun

Wall Sculpture in the style of Stephen Chun

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This Brutalist wall sculpture was made in 1970 by assembling and folding patinated and hammered copper and brass sheets mounted on plywood.

Stephen Chun studied at art school in Taipei, graduating in the late 1960s. He was keenly interested in metalwork. He moved back to his native Hong Kong and started producing a series of Brutalist sculptural works in the early 1970s.
It reflects a sense of change and permanence thanks to the circle shapes and the powerful materials picked by the artist.

PERIOD: 1970-1979
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 20" Width: 30" Depth: 0.5"
MATERIAL: Brass, Copper
CREATOR: Stephen Chun

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